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Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar, March 19-21, 2010

Day 3

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar, March 19-21, 2010 Nicolai Levashov began the last evening of his performance-seminar with the question to the audience as to what they would prefer most: answers to their questions (he showed a pile of notes) or a demonstration of the practical abilities of human reason? A great number of opinions and requests followed the essence of which Nicolai humorously generalized as: "I see: this and that and a little bit of these ones too." Then he addressed the audience and assumed that most likely many of them came to the performance-seminar hoping to see a simple and understandable miracle and learn how to make it on their own. The shouts of approval were heard. Regrettably,Nicolai continued,nothing happens for any particular reason, without effort. A person has to work very intensively, purposefully and consciously in order to change something in him. The overwhelming majority of the "miracles" which many eastern "teachers" demonstrate are a commonplace deception.

In order to obtain something worthy indeed in the field of self-development, one has to work hard, to accustom oneself to iron self-discipline, self-organization and sometimes to self-sacrifice. Some people would not object if they suddenly discover that they possess some "magic" abilities, which would help to sort out all their problems at once. But this kind of thing does not happen in reality. In order to learn something well, one needs to take certain pains: to study it, analyze, memorize, try, practice, etc. Also, in order to go along the path of evolutionary development, a person should not only understand well what he does but also should do it with all his heart and force. The matter here is not what you do but how you do it. If a person can train himself to use a creative approach in everything he does, then and only then can he successfully move further along the path of evolutionary development.

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 People ask for instructions, methods or a code of rules which they could easily follow and reach the results in the spiritual development they desire. But understanding is needed here, not instructions! Instructions teach only the mechanical and thoughtless repetition of some actions which cannot lead to any evolving. But if a person understands what to do and how to do it, no instructions will be necessary. Moreover, succeeding in understanding the initial portion of information, he will be able to understand the next portion of information based on the previous one, thus moving further and further forward. An instruction, which does not give understanding, is a huge drag on personal evolutionary development; therefore, instructions should be treated accordingly and you should not expect that their meticulous, but thoughtless execution will give some notable result.

It is impossible to teach anyone during three short meetings everything that he should know. Those who had their brain transformed still know very little. They were able to do some things within the already created power streams here, on the stage, but to create the necessary stream of primary matters on ones own and use it is very difficult. It is especially difficult when one does not understand what is it and how it works. Therefore, our meeting is of a rather introductory and incentive character.

The main purpose of this performance was a desire to shake people, to prompt them to think about what they saw and heard here and impel them to start studying a new paradigm, to acquire and master new qualities and abilities. A lot of people will require much more than three days for gaining complete understanding, probably decades! It does not depend on whether someone is "dull" or "clever." In order to "digest" and assimilate new knowledge a person will have to reconsider and revise his views about many processes and change his mentality and morality, returning them to the level appropriate for humans. Different people will need different periods of time for that from several years to several decades, because we have already absorbed the erroneous world view, education and upbringing, all of which was hammered into us from our earliest days by all possible methods. Therefore, almost everyone will have to change it, learning and realizing a new paradigm, new world view, new knowledge.

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 People who got onto the stage with clenched hands are in fact not the only lucky ones. The whole audience was influenced during the whole performance-seminar. Someone will feel the reaction to this influence earlier than others, but sooner or later the effect of the accelerated evolutionary development will be manifested in all of you, however, in due time. I would like to emphasize again that in order to learn how to use the gift correctly for ones own benefit and for the sake of other people, one needs to know and fully understand not only the source and the essence of the abilities, but also how to use them efficiently, how to verify the results, and how to discover and rapidly correct the errors and many other things. All this is impossible to get without serious knowledge, permanent work on yourself and persistent training.

Then Nicolai began to answer to the questions.

1. What is your attitude to Reiki, Qigong and other Eastern practices?

The opinion that the East is considerably more spiritual and enlightened than the West is erroneous. Everything the East owns was given to them by our ancestorsSlavs-Aryans. Moreover, everything they received was just the elemental and initial information from the Slavonic-Aryan Vedas, because their level of evolutionary development did not allow them to absorb more complicated information. Today this elemental knowledge, distorted to a greater or lesser degree, is given as the immeasurable wisdom of ancient Hindus and Chinese which never understood anything in them then and do not understand now. This deception is not casual. The imposing of vain and distorted eastern "knowledge" on us distracts an enormous number of people from reality and turns them away from the real Vedic world view and way of life, from Great Russian culture. It aims to draw us away from the study of our real past for one simple reason: if we do not know our past well, we inevitably will repeat the same errors which our ancestors have already done! Thus, we can say confidently that there will be no future without knowing the past!..

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 2. Please, comment the events at the Balakhovskaya nuclear power plant: "Rosatom" is going to pour contaminated water which contains radio-active elements from a pond into the Volga..

It is highly likely that in this case the usual robbery takes place. The money for water purification was undoubtedly assigned by the government and on paper it certainly had been already purified, which means that the assigned sum is spent. Lets hope that this crime will not be committed, but if you know something definite about it, let me know, the necessary measures will be taken.

3. Frankly speaking, I am disappointed. I hoped to meet the Teacher, instead of a showman. There are no casual people in the auditorium; they are all your followers. They trust you! They do not need to be convinced of what man is capable; they need to know the Way and advice how to stay on it.

Different people understand the word Teacher differently, as well as the word "teaching," and all expect different results. It is impossible to satisfy and please all and in fact is not necessary. As the author of this seminar is me, then I will carry out the process of teaching as I consider it necessary, instead of satisfying the expectations of the audience. There is a certain insoluble contradiction here, but nothing can be done about that. In order to fully understand the project of the author and adequately estimate the quality of teaching, one should, at least, reach his level of development and ability. In all other cases the estimations will be incorrect. Also, there are not just my followers here but other people too: from neutrally indifferent to actively irreconcilable.

4. It would be great to prepare a group of medical workers for helping people.

This work was already done in 1991 in Archangelsk. There was a ten-day practical seminar where about one hundred medical workers were trained. Many of them acquired new abilities and skills. For the first time they were able to really help patients. They could, for example, remove blood clots in veins without operations. And what came out of that? All these doctors, these new magicians, began to be terrorized. The authorities were clearly unhappy at having these specialists in the town and demanded from them a public refutation and refusal of what they had learned! Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 In cases of insubordination, they were threatened with being blacklisted, so that they could never be medical workers again. Regrettably, the greater part of them was forced to submit to the ill-willed authorities; otherwise they would have nothing to feed their families with. Therefore, before teaching the doctors it is necessary to choose people who will understand that the medical and pharmaceutical mob will prevent their activity by any means and yet not be afraid of the threats of the parasites and their servants.

At this moment a lady from the auditorium asked permission to speak and said that in 1991 she was a student of the Archangelsk medical University but could not attend Nicolais seminar because of her new-born son. She always regretted she had missed the seminar then but was very glad to attend this one.

5. Why are the children with abilities hunted today?

Indeed, today many organizations are engaged in searching for children who possess the initial "magic" abilities. Both the Church and the special services are looking for them. Sometimes they are used for the good of people, but in the majority of cases they are forced to do things quite to the contrary.

6. How can one get into your child's mental school?

To get there is very easy. If you are ready for studying in it, you will get there. When a person falls asleep, his spirit abandons the physical body. All people do that, but almost nobody remembers what he (Spirit) did when the physical body slept. However, some people can perform the complete exit of the Spirit out of the body and the Spirit (which is in fact the person) feels the same way as being in the physical body. In other words, the Spirit preserves complete consciousness and control. In this case a person has a chance to get into my mental school. In the opposite case, when a person does not remember anything after waking up, there is no sense in learning at school as everything will be forgotten.

7. Who are the Dark, hermaphrodites, and do they exist on Earth now?

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 Hermaphrodites are creatures of the grey race from another planetary system. We call them the Dark because they have chosen the parasitic way of development, unlike the Light ones which hold to the creative way of development. Not only the hermaphrodites of the grey race are parasites, but also very many other reasoning creatures. The colour of the skin is not a determining factor, but the way of life and development which a certain civilization chooses is. Some young civilizations step on the path of parasitism at the very beginning; some change their orientation from white to dark later. There are many parasitic civilizations in Space and some of them achieve a pretty high technical level which allows them to enslave other civilizations. They are not present on Earth now, but they visit our planet sometimes. In December last year a huge pyramidal space ship hung over the Kremlin. It came by invitation from a certain group of people and was carrying an "Immortal" a prince of Hells Worldon board. Well, neither he, nor his pyramid will ever come again. They have completed their flights for good.

8. Man is given his super-abilities on the level of genetics. How one can open them?

No super-ability is given to us initially! Everything is achieved in the process of evolutionary development. At every new embodiment into the physical body the Spirit enters the fertilized ovum and should develop the growing biomass at least to the minimal level required. The development goes through certain stages and if they are passed through correctly and at the right time, a person may have abilities which other people do not have and are, therefore, considered unusual or super-abilities. But a developed person considers them quite usual and fully normal.

9. Is Christs Sermon on the Mount His real words or not?

You can answer this question yourself, if you think about whether the Judaic compilers of the Bible could leave the words of a person who they hated and brutally executed, in fact sacrificed during the Judaic holiday of Passover, unedited? Certainly, they could not! They did their best to make everything He said which did not agree with their project of making the Bible the sacred book of slaves, vapid. However, if we attentively read the New Testament, we can see that the work is quite slapdash. Here is an eloquent example: many people know the words which Jesus threw at the Israelites"your father is the Devil." And who did the Israelites call Father? Both the Israelites and the Christians call the God Jehovah, Father! As you can see the slapdash work let the biblical editors down. They, in fact, informed everyone that the Judaic God Jehovah is the Devil! And these words were not said by an illiterate shepherd. The great warrior Radomir, who the Israelites called Jesus after the execution and forged his biography, said these words (you can read more detailed information about Radomir in the chapters "Izidora" in Svetlana Levashovs Revelation).

10. What is your understanding of the Soul and Spirit? Can you determine the Evil as a phenomenon? Should we forgive killers and maniacs?

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 One should not forgive either killers or maniacs: everyone must be punished for their actions accordingly.

It is difficult to give simple and brief definitions to such an extensive concept like "evil." To my mind a good illustration of it will be the explanation of the concept of a "social parasite." They are congeneric in a way. In order to understand what a social parasite is we should recall what a natural parasite is. The natural parasite eliminates ill or weak animals or people in the first place. Certainly, an eliminated being cannot like that at all, but from the point of view of nature as a whole it is a useful and positive phenomenon, because it allows the survival of the strongest and healthiest individuals. In other words this phenomenon provides natural selection to a certain degree.

Social parasites act in the opposite way: first of all they try to destroy the strongest individuals of the social organism (the "strong people," leaders) who can stand in their way and enslave those who are unable to resist. They spread their influence by imposing perverted traditions and ceremonies, religions, through mass-media, distorted culture; they debauch, instill permanent fear, terror, etc. Periodically social parasites are forced to make so-called "purges" among slaves because people who do not fall under parasitic zombie influence and refuse to accept their bestial programs constantly appear. They try to destroy this kind of people physically in order to continue to parasitize on others. Thus, the sick social organism is doomed to degeneration and death. We see it perfectly well in our society. So, I think this understanding of "evil" is worthy of attention.

11. Is it possible to create generators which will open the abilities of people?

The point is that peoples abilities must correspond to their understanding. Otherwise, it could happen that a person falls asleep under a generator, wakes up, suddenly sneezesand the planet is blown away. Understanding also can not be created artificially. It appears only when people become aware of the information they got, let it pass through themselves and comprehend, without which the information will be just recorded into the memory, but there will be no understanding.

* * *

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 Then Nicolai decided to carry out a healing session in order to have time to help to those who would find the loads excessive. After the session there was a practical part of the performance-seminar. Nicolai conducted the usual test with clenched hands. About 30 persons went to the stage. Everybody was helped to unlink their hands; some were so tightly clenched that this caused a certain inconvenience to them. After that people on the stage received their "flowers"indicators for the brain transformation progress and it was suggested they observe the blossoming of the buds. Meanwhile the answers to the questions went on.

* * *

12. How can family members be released from the Christian zombie-program?

This question is not as simple as it seems on the face of it. If a person strongly, almost fanatically, believes in something, you should treat him with utter delicacy. If a believer does not want to be helped in anything, there is no sense in trying, because you will get nothing except for offense and a hostile attitude. You should help only those people who want to gain an understanding and find the truth. And you should do that armed with well-reasoned and convincing arguments. The overwhelming majority of faithful Christians has not studied or even read the Bible. They just believe, and do not want to know that they were deceived. But when people notice contradictions in the words and deeds of the churchmen, when they pay attention to the debauchery and crime which run through the church corporation in every country of the world, when they decide to understand what really happens, these people can be helped then. A person automatically stops believing in something when he begins to have the exact knowledge. The necessity to take on trust disappears and belief is replaced by knowledge! A person who lives according to Honour and Conscience needs no beliefs. Only slaves which are deprived of knowledge and forced to believe, having no alternative, need a thoughtless faith.

* * *

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 Then Nicolai asked the audience what they would like to see today? There were several spontaneous suggestions the realization of which would not be very clear to most of the spectators. Therefore Nicolai decided to show the real picture of what happens in the hall at the levels of reality nearest to the physical one. Certainly, only people with the already transformed brain could see it and the spectators would watch only their reaction to what they see. He asked several persons, who already could retain the streams of primary matters and work with their new giftnew abilities, to step forward. He explained that now he would open several nearest levels of reality in order that they could see everything and tell others what they saw.

A young lady said that she saw a pregnant woman in her first trimester in the hall (the spirit of the child was attached to the mother). A young gentleman, Arkadiy, described the unusual creatures which he called dark octopuses which he noticed in the corners of the hall. In the lower part of the hall he saw other dark creatures the forms of which he could not describe (in other words he never saw anything of the kind before). Then he saw that the spirits which reminded him of "demons", as described in literature, were in some people. Nicolai said that these were the astral parasites.

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 The audience livened up and Arkadiy was bombarded with questions: "Look at me. Do I have something like this?", "And at me ", "And at me" At this time a young girl from the first row asked to look what happened to her as she suddenly felt unwell. Arkadiy said that he saw an astral spirit which stuck to her solar plexus. Nicolai asked: "What shall we do with it?" Arkadiy answered: "I do not know. Maybe we should get rid of it." Someone shouted from the auditorium: "Will it bite?" Nicolai responded: "Sure, it will! What do you think..." Then the girl was invited to the stage. Nicolai explained that parasites often cling to people in the area of the solar plexus to suck the vital energy from them which is food for them. Then almost always cancers appear there.

The girl came to the stage and Arkadiy began to work with her. She did not feel better. Nicolai asked Arkadiy to comment on his actions. Arkadiy said that he grew special tentacles for himself in order not to touch the beast with his hands, and tried to tear the tentacles of the parasite off the girls body, but they clung back. Nicolai commented that even when a person saw a problem, it did not mean that he was able to solve it without the special knowledge and abilities. Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 In this case the parasite had become a part of the girls body and to extract it out of her would not be a simple task. The torn tentacles would be restored immediately and that was exactly what happened. In other words there was no use acting at another level of reality using the habitual methods. That would never give the expected result. Nicolai showed how to act correctly to extract the parasite from the human body. Then he quickly healed the wound left after the extraction of the parasite and wished the girl best of luck. The successful operation was followed by applause.

Then the short debates concerning the further demonstration of the abilities of Reason followed. Nicolai examined different variants basing on the current state and abilities of the people on the stage and suddenly asked: "Who would like to visit another planet?"

Merry laughter in the hall was the answer: everybody would like! The active participants on the stage readily raised hands. Nicolai commented with certain regret that it would not be so spectacular and evident for the rest, but the participants of this experiment would really enjoy that. This will be a farewell gift for all.

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 The first "space traveler" was a young blond lady. There was no rumble, smoke or flame. She just closed her eyes and began to rock and Nicolai said:

Hold on!.. Here we go I bring you out of the limits. Do you see the Earth?

Yes, I do.

It has become small. We will not go far. Do you wish to see life?

Yes, I would really love to.

Here it is! We go down.

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 Wow! I see a yellow and red locality, dry, a lot of sand... Now I see something like a forest, red and yellow plants. I go out from the forest, see a valley. I see creatures which live as though in enormous ant-hills or termite mounds which are enormous, like 2 or 3 storied buildings high. The creatures, compared to us, are small. It seems like a siliceous form of life. Their bodies are different from ours, not organic ones. There is a vast plateau behind the valley. I see flying creatures there which remotely look like some kind of a hybrid of a bird and a dragon-fly. They have very acute voices. I see them but they do not see me. Now they saw me. They have something like small plumes on their heads. They raise them and look at me in surprise. They are half our height and come to me. They are friendly and come with curiosity. They produce a smell which is like the smell of honey, only stronger. The smell goes before them. They communicate by smells which allow them to demonstrate their internal state. Every state has its own smell. They have eyes through which they can see like we see with the help of the x-ray. They examine me and are very surprised. They exchange thoughts very quickly and think that I arrived in a "flying dish."

They know about other alien civilizations and are developed enough, but their civilization is not a technocratic one. They do not have any technical devices at all, but they do lead reasoning life. Now they stand around me and make inviting gestures. Their speech resembles twitter and at the same time they exchange thoughts. They try to send their thoughts to me, but there is some kind of shield around me and their thoughts bounce off it. Nevertheless, I hear their thoughts inside me. They behave the way we would behave with a Papuan: a Papuan does not understand us and we try to explain something to him by gestures. They also try to explain something to me by gestures. They make inviting gestures, as if inviting me to follow them. I do.

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 They go on each side of me and diffuse a smell before them. The smell serves for marking a path in space and we go along this path. We come out to a large and round glade which looks like an aerodrome. Ah, now I see! They think that I am a lost space traveller and brought me here. The aerodrome is not theirs; it belongs to another civilization. It has an ideal round form and an ideally smooth surface. They brought me over there. It is their gesture of good will: if I want to go back, I can use this landing ground. They stand and look for what I will do, but I do not know what to do.

At this moment Nicolai broke his silence:

I shall bring you back, but first lets make you invisible to them. What do they do?

They begin to look around, exchange glances and twitter in a more excited tone, but at the same time they do not worry and come to the conclusion, that I already flew away.

Fine, now you will come back.

Arkadiys story. He visited another inhabited planet..

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 First of all, it is a very strong and unusual feeling of splittingbeing here and there. I see creatures here which look like people, but half our height. The place looks like jungle, but not our junglethe plants are different and the colours are closer to dark blue. It looks like a primitive form of life.

The story of another young woman..

It is a cold white planet. There is a lot of snow which is so deep that I fell into it waist-deep. I see a cabin. It is an empty house. There is an equilateral, metallic triangle on the table. I see a silver door. I open it and enter a very long violet corridor. Then I find myself in a black room. There is someone in the room. I dont know whether it is a host or someone else. The creature has a very big head and long ears. Its nose is flattened, but it is a very benevolent creature. It greets me and asks to sit down. And then I rush off into the corridor.

The story of the fourth space traveler.

The planet I visit is red or violet. I do not see any living creatures, but there is a feeling that someone has shaken me sort of or it just seemed to me. Then I see excrescences from the soil. Maybe it is their vegetation. Then I see very thick natural growth, like a forest or jungle. It is rose. I fly a little over the planet. It looks somewhat rose from above. I see something like craters...

* * *

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 These were the stories of the first earthly cosmonauts who reached other inhabited planets. The time of the performance-seminar was nearly over and also the loads were quite heavy for the untrained people. Nicolai said that most people in the auditorium could interpret what they had just heard as a fable, hallucination, fantasy, etc, but this is pure truth. Soon enough these planets will be discovered and exactly these forms of life which our cosmonauts told us about will be found there. Nicolai said a couple of interesting facts about Space, thanked the audience for their attention and wished all the best to everyone.