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Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar, March 19-21, 2010

Day 1

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 The performance-seminar was held in the large hall of the Moscow business centre, Amber Plaza, which was very spacious with good ventilation and illumination. The organizers of the seminarmembers of the Russian Public Movement "Renaissance. The Golden Age"did their best to make this festival of Reason memorable. They took great care over the technical equipment, light and decoration. An enormous linen banner with space motifs, made according to Nicolai Levashovs project, served as a background for the performance. There were two large screens on either side of the stage translating video signals from several fixed cameras. Several cameramen and photographers worked in the seminar trying to capture every instant of this unique event.

Nicolai Levashov began his speech with an introductory lecture which served as an explanation of the aims and tasks he had set for the seminar. Manhe saidas specie of the living organisms of the planet possesses sense-organs and abilities (sight, hearing, senses of smell and touch) which allow him to survive in his ecological niche, no more. If Man is placed in another, unsuitable for him, ecological niche (for example into water) his sight, touch and hearing will function there with distortions, and his sense of smell will not function at all; i.e. in other environmental conditions human sense-organs either do not function or function inefficiently.

As his evolutionary development goes on, Man can create new sense-organs with the help of which he is able to see new levels of our reality which our ordinary sense-organs cannot perceive today. This kind of evolutionary development is natural. The thing is that millions of years of continuous evolution are required for that, and it happens in nature pretty rarely.

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 Also, there are situations (as happened on our planet) when evolutionary development is deliberately impeded by certain Forces which use different devices, methods and influences, as well as an especially destructive world view. This incorporates religions, mass corruptive culture and an atmosphere of fear, egoism and indifference. For example, the Christian religion asserts that Man is created in the image and likeness of a certain god and then on the basis of this fable it affirms that what we possess is the absolute limit (in the sense of evolutionary development). In other words, there is nothing higher than that and there is nothing to aim for.

It is not true!

The process of evolutionary development is limitless! If Man correctly understands nature and his place in it and the essence of the process of evolving, he can, even during one incarnation in the physical body, achieve a lot! This performance-seminar is conducted to prove this statement, notwithstanding the situation in which we all are today.

You see, when a human being comes into this world, he perceives the surrounding world with open mind and heart, "in every fibre of his being." It helps him to be a human being to some degree, breaking through the "Mowgli" level of development, that of a reasoning animal. Regrettably, as he matures he gets more and more under the influence of our sick civilization and is forced to limit his perception of reality which is being poisoned by a distorted picture of the Universe, wrong education and the perverted world view which blocks his movement forward along the path of spiritual (evolutionary) development.

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 This kind of situation does not exist exclusively on our planet. A lot of other planets which have reasoning forms of life similar to ours have to fight this problem. The so-called Dark Hierarchy has recently existed in our Universe and was engaged in the conquest, occupation and exploitation of civilizations. For their convenience and the greater duration of their dominion they converted the people they had conquered into weak-willed slaves who were unable to understand what had happened to them. Precisely this kind of enslavement was used on our planetMidgard-earth. Our once extremely developed earthly civilization was destroyed by a string of the strongest catastrophes and wars (see the 1st volume of the book Russian History Viewed through Distorted Mirrors). The invaders lowered those who survived to the level of reasoning animals using various methods of influencing the human psyche and spirit.

The Dark tried to use mainly those methods of manipulation which people cannot feel and notice. Hypnosis is one of such methods. However, for a prepared person it is one of the most primitive and easily discovered methods. There are other, more subtle, methods of influencing our psyche, some of which will be demonstrated at the seminar. The human psyche is a very fine and powerful instrument. If a human being can learn to control it, he could both achieve extraordinary results for himself and perform a lot of necessary and useful deeds for his family, people, country and civilization

This seminar will show that Man is not a quaking creeping creature, or a ram of a biblical herd, or a slave of the space criminals which came from the Hell Worlds of our Universe, but has abilities which the most bold fiction writers did not dare imagine! The transformation of the brain, which, in fact, is accelerated evolution, can launch almost any person to a new, much higher level, of handling matter and reality.

But here one needs to know and understand very well that additional abilities are obligatorily accompanied by additional duties and responsibility. It is very easy to do a lot of harm both to yourself and to people around if you do not understand this condition totally and utterly. Otherwise, you can easily damage the health of your today's physical body and seriously affect many of your future incarnations! One has to understand very well and constantly remember that a person is automatically responsible for every thought, word and act he performs! The mechanism of the appearance and realization of this responsibility is described in the 2nd volume of The Spirit and Reason, chapter "The nature of karma and the anatomy of sin."

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 In order that evolutionary development goes in the necessary direction and with increased speed, one has to understand a simple thing: if a person wants to learn to influence external processes and events, he should not pursue his own egoistic interests, but give! In other words his actions must be directed not on him, but outside of him. When a person is concerned and concentrated exclusively on himself, the influence he produces on the outward processes is hardly notable, but if he intends to work for something other than himself, the results of his actions will certainly be noticeable where he applies his efforts! In order to have noticeable changes during one life, a person must "work like a horse!" He must constantly work at his self-improvement, fight his faults, get rid of low instincts, perverted world view, addictions and wrong education and always bear in mind: the higher the level of abilities, the higher the level of responsibility!..

He also has to understand and remember that he should not help all who ask for it, but only those who deserve it; also one should not respect and love all, but only those who are indeed worthy of respect and love! Esoteric people, priests and other "workers" in the "spiritual" field have cheated us for years suggesting that we have to love and help everyone and quickly turn the other cheek when being slapped on the first one. Well, if anyone likes being an obedient sheep and turning the cheek all the timeplease, feel free! We force nobody and wish them good luck with this heavy burden.

Whoever decides to be a Reasoning Man should firmly remember that now we live among a small number of enemies and a very large number of ignorant people who were intentionally driven by the enemies down to the level of reasoning animals. Therefore understanding the above said is a vital necessity for us, because it will allow us always to have a correct criterion for the estimation of the many phenomena which we possibly come across on our lifes way, as well as our actions, words, thoughts, our work and fight for our life.

We should begin our Reasoning Life with simple things: like training yourself not to do what you would not want being done to yourself, to others. This very simple (and very right) idea will let us easily determine the quality of our deeds and the deeds of other people, thanks to which we can quickly estimate with whom we deal: with a comrade-in-arms, an ignoramus or an enemy. We have known this simplest rule from our childhood, but were deceitfully taught to find numerous excuses in order not to execute it pronouncedly. This rule does not mean at all that we should be weak-willed "neither fish nor fowl." On the contrary! It means that we should think hard but quickly before undertaking any action especially in regard to other people. The majority of them are not enemies but deceived, confused and scared people...

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 After this opening speech Nicolai Levashov carried out a special test of the people in the auditorium in order to discover sensitive individuals whose qualities would let him conduct the transformation of their brain relatively quickly. He asked the volunteers who wished pass the test to clench the fingers of one hand with the other. The ones suited for the transformation would be those who could not unclench their hands on their own. A light hypnotic influence upon the audience lasted 2 or 3 minutes. Afterwards those who could not unlink their hands were invited to go up to the stage.

A pretty good number of people found themselves on the stage where Nicolai Levashov helped them to unlink hands, one by one. Some of them could not do that at the first try and therefore gradually increased influence upon such a person was required which occupied some time. Nicolai commented that such a strong reaction signified a certain "stability of streams" which was a positive sign. After that those who did not want to have their brain transformed left the stage.

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 Then there was a demonstration of "simple influence." Nicolai said that it was not interesting to put a person into a trance which everyone can easily notice; it was much more important to see and understand that a person might preserve complete consciousness but be unable to control himself. Nicolai influenced the muscles of a bearded gentlemans hand: he was asked to stretch out his hand which was "fixed" in this position. Then it was released, then "fixed" again, then release again. Afterwards Nicolai sank him into sleep pronouncing the word "sleep." The man fell asleep standing and woke up when Nicolai clicked his fingers. While the man was sleeping Nicolai carried out a healing session ("... let him have some good since we "tortured" him... "). Then he woke him up and asked how he felt. "Very good" was the answer. Then he again put him to sleep and woke him up.

The next item was "gluing." Nicolai "glued" a participants foot to the floor (the gentleman is the red sweater on the photo). No mater how hard he waved his hands, he was unable to unglue himself. Then Nicolai "glued" together the hands of another participant (a gentleman wearing the grey sweater and jeans called Dmitry). He also invited some people from the auditorium to try to unclench his hands, however warning that the enthusiasts should be as careful as possible and did not jerk Dmitrys hands too hard, otherwise they could tear his muscles. Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 Playing the Golden goose" was next. The young man wearing the striped sweater became the "goose." The "goose" received the ability to stick people to himself, however not everyone. There was just one participant who became "glued." Others came, tried and remained "unglued." Nicolai said: "Lets see who else will stick to him. Its interesting for me too."

Then Nicolai created an invisible wall between two men (one of them wore a striped sweater and another had a moustache). It is of interest that the first gentleman could get through the wall a bit farther than the second who could not trespass at all. Then he created a brick wall and the mustached man touched it and said that it had become rough.

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 Then the process of brain transformation was initiated in all volunteers on the stage. Nicolai created a floral bud on the palm of their hands which served as some kind of an indicator of the transformational process: the brain transformation is completed, when the bud blossoms fully.

It was suggested that those whose process of transformation was completed start using their new abilities right on the spot. The gentleman in the grey sweater (Dmitry) said that he could see his lungs. Nicolai explained to him that he should not just look but set himself a task, for example: "I want to see the rest of the tar in my lungs as dark spots." After that Dmitry who had recently quit smoking said that he saw some brown spots in the lower part of his lungs. Then several smokers from the audience were invited on the stage to undergo this unusual diagnostic process.

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 Dmitry confidently described the lungs of a young man in spectacles and a black sweater and detected vast black spots. Nicolai suggested trying to "purify" the fellows lungs, to which Dmitry answered: "He should purify his brain first, not lungs, because he will smoke again" and refused to "purify." Then he correctly defined a non-smoker who went on stage to check whether Dmitry really could see the lungs. One of the next smokers was the gentleman in the orange-striped sweater. Dmitry said that there were little or almost no dark spots and saw no other problems. However, it appeared that the man had one lung only.

Here Nicolai explained that it was extremely important not to succumb to stereotypes when making this kind of checkup and told a story that happened to him about a lady with three kidneys. It was very important he saidthat you set a precise and clear task and not work automatically. One should disengage oneself from the checkup of a previous patient and analyze every person anew. Besides, he said, a simple seeing the human lungs was not a big deal. One should set a task in order to define what pathology the patient had. When Dmitry analyzed the lungs of 4 or 5 persons, Nicolai stopped his work because the fellow was obviously tired. It appeared that the new abilities required a lot of energy.

The next participant was a woman in red. She had a secondary medical education. She tried to see her heart and brain but gave very confused and unclear explanations. Nicolai explained why she could not say anything worthwhile. She did see, but her mistake was that she tried to use a brand-new, unique instrument the old way.

This was just the case when old, distorted knowledge prevented the use of new abilities correctly. He repeated again: in the process of scanning you should disengage yourself from everything you have known before, which has nothing to do with new abilities. A scanning person could not even know what kind of problem a patient has. Therefore, at first he should determine the area of damage and assign the colour encoding: for example, you should agree that the area of damage will be reflected as a dark area. When you define where the damage is, you can think about what it can be: whether it is consequences of a lung fever, pleurisy or tuberculosis, etc. For example, if you see hard calcium inclusions in the lungs, this is a consequence of tuberculosis. In other words, one should set oneself clear, consecutive and unambiguous tasks.

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 After that Nicolai suggested conducting an experiment of the spirit leaving the body. Two women on the stage said that they had experienced that, but Nicolai wanted someone who would do that for the first time. A woman in a green shirt volunteered. Her assigned task was to go out of the body and look at the audience from the outside. There was a mustached man behind her (to help in case her body fell down). However, she could not go out from the body with her spirit. Nicolai explained that fear was a serious obstacle in this kind of thing.

In the end he decided to try the two ladies with previous experience. One of them, a lady in a black and yellow outfit claimed that she went out. She was asked to determine the colour of the boot of a person chosen at random and the number of a seat (which is written on the back side of an arm-chair). She could not do that. A funny thing happened there: the mustached man, who secured the lady, said that the number of the seat was 9. Nicolai asked him whether he saw it with his spirit coming out of the body. "No, the man answered, I just sit next to it, in the 8th." In the end Nicolai said that the exit from the body failed because the lady tried to do it the way she did before instead of the way her new abilities required.... Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010

Then the volunteers abandoned the stage. Nicolai carried out a session to release the audience from different blockings and then a universal healing session. A young lady felt unwell and Nicolai went down to the auditorium to help her. It took only a couple of minutes. The first day of the performance-seminar was over.